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Look & Feel Beautiful

At our medical spa in Johnson City, we offer a comprehensive range of aesthetic services to suit our patients’ skincare needs.

Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing the highest quality care and achieving beautiful, natural-looking results. We invite you to come and experience the difference that our individualized approach can make. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

  • Acne
  • Acne Scarring
  • Body Contouring
  • Spray Tanning
  • Brow & Lashes
  • Chemical Peels
  • Dermaplaning
  • Facials
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Permanent Makeup
  • Waxing
  • SaltFacial
  • Add-On Services
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Recent advancements in dermatology have made healing acne better and faster than ever before. At Caudle Medical Spa, our focus is on helping you get clear, smooth skin that you can be proud of.

No matter how routine or random your outbreaks have become, your treatment plan will be tailored to your exact needs and will help heal current breakouts and prevent new ones. Often, acne is caused by hormonal changes, which can be managed by a tailored treatment at Caudle Medical Spa.

Some of the services we offer for treating your acne include medication, low-level light therapy, fractional radiofrequency, and chemical peels.

10 Most Common Causes of Acne

01 - Fluctuating hormones

02 - Stress

03 - Sugary food

04 - Dairy

05 - Cosmetic products

06 - Certain medications

07 - Menstruation

08 - Diet

09 - Processed and packaged food

10 - Poor hygiene

Treatments for Acne

Prescription Medications
medication to treat acne at Caudle Center Medical Spa

There are a number of medications, topical and/or oral, that may be utilized to assist in treating your acne. Our providers will determine the best course of action during your consultation. Medication for your acne vulgaris is available in-house or by prescription. Tretinoin Cream and Gel 0.05% strength is available for purchase at The Caudle Center.

LED Light Therapy
woman with dark glasses lying on medical spa bed while aesthetician applies led light therapy to her face

Low-Level Light Therapy works by directing specific wavelengths at the affected skin to treat acne. When this light is applied, the skin absorbs the light, which then stimulates cellular regeneration, collagen production, elastin production, and reduces inflammation.

The low-level light therapy works to destroy the acne and bacteria surrounding it. The treatment typically takes between twenty and thirty minutes in our office, and there is absolutely no pain associated with the procedure or downtime required. The treatment can require multiple sessions, with some patients seeing acne lesions reduced by up to 85% after just one to two sessions.

Chemical Peels
acne treatment in Tennessee

Chemical peels are a relatively new treatment for acne that uses specialized acids to penetrate and purify the skin, and in particular, the sebaceous pores. The sebaceous pores are responsible for oil production, which can be clogged up with dirt, oil, or old skin cells, leading to acne.

During treatment, our clinicians apply the peel to the face, which helps rejuvenate the skin and improve its appearance. The chemical peel activates and removes dead skin cells that may be clogging your pores and will also kill the bacteria responsible for pimples and breakouts.

Some patients experience redness on their face after the procedure. Your clinician can recommend the best moisturizing routine for your skin type to help reduce the redness and promote further healing. There are several types of chemical peels to choose from, each treatment being tailored to your skin type to ensure maximum results.

Obagi CLENZIderm M.D. System
before and after pictures of a guy with acne

CLENZIDerm M.D. is a three-step acne treatment containing clinically-proven benzoyl peroxide (BPO) that penetrates deep into pores to help control adult acne for a clearer, healthier-looking complexion. Complete acne treatment specifically formulated for normal to oily skin to help treat acne where it starts.

Acne Scarring
Young woman with eyes closed touching face with isolated acne in beige

Acne Scarring

Forty million Americans deal with acne on a regular basis, and about half of those people have to deal with acne scarring afterward.

The leftover scars from acne can cause major stress in your day-to-day life. Many people feel that their scars negatively affect their self-confidence, having lasting physical, emotional and psychological effects, even depression.

Psychosocial Burden of Acne Scarring

  • Stigmatization
  • Self-consciousness
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Embarrassment

For the treatment of active acne click here.

graphic representation of the scars that acne produces

Treatments for Acne Scarring

Traditional Microneedling

Microneedling is one of the safest and most effective ways to improve the appearance of your skin and rejuvenate the underlying tissue. As a part of our body’s natural aging process, our skin experiences a loss of collagen and elastin, which results in the formation of fine lines, creases, and wrinkles. Along with the natural aging process, the visible appearance of your skin can be altered by environmental factors or elements of your lifestyle, such as exposure to the elements, uneven skin tones, stretch marks, or dark spots.

Microneedling devices use very fine, short needles that can be slowly rolled over the skin by a medical professional. When the needles pass over the skin, they gently poke through the surface, creating micro-channels that are invisible to the naked eye but help spur the natural rejuvenation process. Due to the short recovery time, minimal discomfort, and life-changing results, microneedling has quickly become one of the most popular skin treatments we offer.

Fractional Radiofrequency Microneedling
acne treatment  with microneedling in Tennessee

The Caudle Center utilizes state-of-the-art equipment, a fractional radiofrequency microneedling device called Fractora from InMode. Once your acne flare-up is controlled, the providers at The Caudle Center can use the Fractora system to stimulate clear, healthy skin. The Fractora system heats the skin and disables sebaceous glands. This decreases oil production and the pimples that follow. Fractora can be used in all cases of acne scarring. You will first be evaluated by a provider at The Caudle Center, who will recommend a treatment plan consistent with your goals.

Procedure: Your face will have to be clean and free of any products. After adequate topical anesthesia, the provider will begin the Fractora treatment. We will work in all regions of the face and neck that need improvement, making several passes over areas to ensure maximum results are achieved, adjusting the energy applied to the type of skin and desired effect. Most patients tolerate this procedure well without any additional anesthesia, nitrous oxide, or sedation. Occasional spasms of underlying muscles occur when the radiofrequency is released into the skin and generally causes more of a startling effect than causing discomfort.

Most patients experience little to no discomfort during the procedure and report feeling “wind-chapped” after the numbing medication wears off. Patients experience mild swelling and redness in the treated region for 3-5 days and have mild skin peeling. You should use gentle cleansers and moisturizers until all areas have healed, and then you can resume your beauty regime, focusing on sun protection, as you should have little unprotected exposure for 2-3 weeks.

Most patients feel the amount of discomfort is mild to moderate. Downtime depends upon the extent of treatment and is usually 3-5 days of heal time.

Low-Level Light Therapy
woman with dark glasses lying on medical spa bed while aesthetician applies led light therapy to her face

LED and Laser Diode light therapy use part of the visible light spectrum at a specific wavelength to treat acne scarring. The skin absorbs this light, which then stimulates cellular regeneration and promotes the production of oxygen radicals that lead to the destruction of certain acne-causing bacteria. The process also promotes collagen and elastin production, reduces inflammation, and speeds up the healing process.

After a series of LED treatments, your skin will appear clearer, brighter, and smoother. LED treatment is clinically proven to reduce acne lesions by up to 85%, with more than 75% of clients reporting excellent results.

The treatment itself is very relaxing. After cleansing your skin, you’ll lie on a table with the light panel positioned over the area being treated. You’ll probably find it very calming and may even fall asleep. After 20 to 30 minutes, depending on the procedure, you’ll be able to reapply your makeup and continue your day. There is no pain associated with this treatment. There is also no downtime.

Chemical Peels
acne scarring treatment in Tennessee

Chemical peels are a relatively new treatment for acne that uses specialized acids to penetrate and purify the skin, particularly the sebaceous pores. The sebaceous pores are responsible for oil production, which can be clogged up with dirt, oil, or old skin cells, leading to acne.

During treatment, our clinicians apply the peel to the face, which helps rejuvenate the skin and improve its appearance. The chemical peel activates and removes dead skin cells that may be clogging your pores and will also kill the bacteria responsible for pimples and breakouts.

Some patients experience redness on their face after the procedure. Your clinician can recommend the best moisturizing routine for your skin type to help reduce the redness and promote further healing. There are several types of chemical peels to choose from, each treatment being tailored to your skin type to ensure maximum results.

Body Contouring
Female body with white underwear with two white lines on each side to enhance the body contouring

Body Contouring

The Evolve technology uses radio-frequency (RF) energy to provide targeted skin tightening, cellulite reduction, and fat reduction.

Evolve is effective for refining skin and reducing fat in the following areas, with the option to treat multiple problem sections in a single session:

  • Abdomen
  • Waist and flank
  • Arms
  • Hips
  • Thighs

Our Body Contouring Methods

All three modalities can be performed almost simultaneously from the same device in contact with your skin.

Evolve Trim

Evolve Trim targets dimpled skin and cellulite. Evolve Trim offers a unique solution to a common problem and provides a noninvasive alternative to liposuction. This treatment will help reshape the body and smooth the appearance of the skin.

The Evolve Trim treatment works by using radiofrequency technology to apply volumetric heat deep into the skin’s subdermal layers. The heat is combined with a vacuum and controlled energy pulses to deliver uniform results across the treatment area.

Because the heat is delivered to the subdermal layers of the skin with RF energy, the patient experiences no discomfort or burning sensations. The treatment requires no downtime, and you may return to regular activities immediately after treatment.

Evolve Tite

Evolve Tite remodels the skin by tightening loose or sagging areas. This quick and easy procedure can be customized to meet your specific concerns. It can treat loose skin on the tummy after pregnancy or weight loss, loose skin on the upper arms, and other trouble spots.

The Evolve Tite treatment is delivered via a hands-free applicator. Applicators can be applied to multiple body areas at once. The Evolve Tite procedure was developed under very strict medical guidelines and has been optimized to provide maximum results, even when multiple areas are targeted.

Evolve Tite works by using radiofrequency technology to apply volumetric heat to the skin’s subdermal layers. The radiofrequency technology ensures the heat is delivered uniformly, so no area of the application area is over or undertreated.

Evolve Tite is recommended for anyone who seeks natural-looking skin remodeling. It can give skin a tighter, more youthful appearance.

It is also important to know that there is no downtime or recovery period with Evolve Tite. The procedure is quick and painless, and you can return to regular activities immediately.

Evolve Tone

Sometimes you don’t get the results you want no matter how many reps you do in the gym or miles you log running on the road. If you’re seeking to tighten and tone your body and muscles, Evolve Tone might be the answer.

Evolve Tone can add definition and enhance your natural physique. It is a non-invasive treatment that requires no downtime and won’t leave you with unsightly scars. Evolve Tone can increase muscle strength and tone.

Evolve Tone relies on a different technology than Evolve Tite or Evolve Trim. Evolve Tone uses electromagnetic energy to stimulate the muscles and cause involuntary contractions. Your muscles contract in a way that replicates a workout — sweat not required. The treatment can be used on many areas of the body, including:

  • Abdomen
  • Flanks
  • Buttocks
Spray Tanning
tanned body of a woman in a gray bikini and a white shirt

Airbrush Spray Tanning

Our state-of-the-art airbrush spray tanning studio is the perfect place to get a natural, sun-kissed look. We use only the highest quality products and equipment to give you a flawless tan that will last for days.

Our experienced technicians are experts in providing an even, streak-free tan that looks great on everyone. We offer a variety of shades to choose from, so you can find the perfect color for your skin tone. And our fast, convenient service means you can get in and out in no time.

Brow & Lashes
Close-up of the face of an Asian woman having her eyelashes painted

Brow & Lashes

Brow Tint: $20

Brow Tint & Wax: $30

Brow Lamination: $40

Lash & Brow TiNt: $40

Lash Tint: $25

Lash Lift: $55

Lash Lift & Tint: $75

If you have ever wanted to jump out of bed with beautiful natural-looking lashes and brows, tinting is the trick!

  • More prominent brown
  • Longer, fuller-looking lashes without makeup
  • Natural Looking
  • Semi-permanent alternative to microblading and lash extensions
  • Much less expensive than microblading and lash extensions
Before & After Pictures
before and after results of brow & lash tint
before and after of lash tint at Caudle Center Medical Spa
Chemical Peels
A bearded man smears cream on his cheek with his index finger

Chemical Peels

Superficial Chemical Peels start at $75

The Signature Blue Radiance Peel begins at $90

Chemical peels are tried and true.

Chemical peels have been around for a long time for good reason—they work. See how a chemical peel could heal your skin woes, from acne scars and uneven skin tone to melasma and fine lines and wrinkles.

Everything old is new again, and chemical peels are experiencing a rebirth of sorts as growing numbers of cosmetic doctors turn to these oldies but goodies to address a wide range of skin concerns and conditions.

In 2015, there were 603,305 chemical peels performed, up nearly 25 percent from 2014, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reports. Chemical peels are in high demand. What’s great about chemical peels is that they’re low-tech and not intimidating when compared to lasers, and they address the same problems—skin discoloration, texture, and wrinkles. Women have been using peels for over 2,000 years! Cleopatra soaked in milk baths to smooth her skin. The active ingredient in milk is lactic acid (an alpha hydroxy acid, or AHA) and these acids (along with beta-hydroxy acids or BHAs) are still among the most commonly used types in modern peels.

Superficial (Mild) peels

A series of mild chemical peels—on the face, neck, hands, and/or chest—every few weeks is great for busy people because they get significant results with minimal downtime. These are sometimes called the “lunchtime peel.” The weaker peels are the AHA peels or fruit acid peels, most commonly Glycolic Acid, Citric Acid, and Lactic Acid, and can help improve acne scars, skin tone, and texture, diminish fine lines and wrinkles, and reduce the effects of sun damage. These types of peels remove dead cells and debris to regenerate skin cells with less traditional flaking and redness or discomfort associated with more intense formulas, so you get results similar to an intense peel but without the downtime or side effects.

Here’s what you can expect: After a thorough cleansing of the face, the peel is applied with either a brush, a pad, or a cotton swab. You may feel a slight tingling that lasts for the duration of the peel. With the weaker AHA peels, there is generally a very short-term pinkish or ruddy glow to the skin. The before-and-after difference is pronounced. You will look brighter right away with gradual improvement in fine lines, texture, and pigmentation. A series of mild or superficial peels is usually needed for optimal results. Aftercare matters too. Apply lotion or cream until the skin heals, and use sunscreen daily. It’s OK to wear makeup immediately.

Medium-strength peels

What makes peels a medium strength is the percentage of active ingredients. These chemical peels penetrate the outer and middle layers of skin to remove damaged skin cells. The treatment is used to improve age spots, fine lines and wrinkles, freckles and moderate skin discoloration. It also can be used to smooth rough skin and treat some precancerous skin growths, i.e. actinic keratosis. Medium-strength peels use some of the same acids in mild peels, just at a much higher level. For example, trichloroacetic acid (TCA) peels when used at more than 25 percent are medium strength, but anything lower would be considered superficial or mild.

Here’s what you can expect: Since these peels are deeper, your skin will be red and swollen after application, and blisters may form and break open. Your skin crusts and peels off in one to two weeks. Your doctor may suggest taking antiviral medication for 7 to 14 days starting before and continuing after the peel if you have a history of cold sores. Other aftercare instructions include applying a lotion or cream to the treated area and avoiding the sun. Makeup is OK after about one week. It is usually one and done for a while because there is downtime with these medium-strength peels. Look to medium-depth peels—such as the 25-35 percent TCA and Jessner’s solution—to remedy hyperpigmentation and moderate wrinkles. You may also be a candidate if you have heavy sun damage, leathery skin, and coarse wrinkles that are visible even at rest. Medium-strength chemical peels will also help correct acne scars.

Deep chemical peels

Phenol or more concentrated trichloroacetic acid peels are the strongest chemical peels out there, and they target deep wrinkles, sun damage, and uneven tone. The more deeply penetrate the middle layer of skin to remove damaged skin cells. They are very helpful in treating vertical lines around the mouth, the so-called smoker’s lines and they work best on lighter skin since there is less risk of hypo-pigmentation or bleaching. Phenol peels are ordinarily used on the face only since the skin of the neck and hands tends to be thinner and more delicate.

Here’s what you can expect: Given the strength of these peels, some form of anesthesia is usually required in most individuals. There is some real downtime with phenol peels. Crusting and post-procedure redness occur across the board and can last for weeks. The tradeoff is often dramatic and long-term results. These deep peels will do things that a facelift will not—improve the quality of environmentally damaged skin. Phenol or stronger TCA based peels can be used for more severe skin changes and wrinkles, but these deep peels are not as common given the availability of lasers as well as phenol’s possible link to heart issues.


Why get a chemical peel?

These days, the term ‘chemical peel’ applies to so many different formulations ranging from weaker glycolic peels that can be done at home to the strongest Phenol peels often require sedation or general anesthesia. These workhorses can correct acne, age spots, discoloration, tone, fine lines (especially under the eyes and around the mouth), freckles, melasma, sun damage, and more. Some peels produce changes that are relatively light and freshen the skin through exfoliation. Moderately deep peels will help various kinds of pigmentation issues. The deeper peels are effective at correcting wrinkles. Peels tend to cost less than laser skin resurfacing, averaging anywhere from $100 to $500 per treatment based on the type of peel.

What is a chemical peel?

A chemical peel is a technique used to improve the appearance of the skin on the face, neck, or hands. A chemical solution is applied to the skin that causes it to exfoliate and eventually peel off. The new, regenerated skin is usually smoother and less wrinkled than the old skin. The new skin is also temporarily more sensitive to the sun.

What are the potential complications or side effects of a chemical peel?
  • Temporary or permanent change in skin color, particularly for women on birth control pills who subsequently become pregnant or have a history of brownish facial discoloration.
  • Scarring
  • Reactivation of cold sores.
What do I need to do before my chemical peel?
  • Avoid using retinol products 7 days before your chemical peel.
  • Know that sensitive/dry skin may feel more uncomfortable during the procedure due to the lack of an oil barrier on the skin.
  • Avoid sun exposure for 2 weeks prior to your appointment.
  • You should not receive a chemical peel if you have an allergy to Asprin.
  • Know that chemical peels can cause an outbreak of cold sores if you are prone to them.
  • Know that sensitive/dry skin may feel more uncomfortable during the procedure due to the lack of an oil barrier on the skin.
  • You will feel a mild to moderate stinging and tingling feeling; the skin may tighten and feel warm. Know that it may feel uncomfortable and slightly painful as it is a chemical exfoliation.
  • Be aware that in the following days after your treatment, you may experience tightening of the skin, peeling or frosting, and skin sensitivity to light.
What can I expect after the procedure?

All chemical peels require some form of follow-up care to maximize your results and avoid potential complications. Afterward, patients experience a reaction similar to sunburn in the treatment area.

Superficial peels require one to seven days to heal. Treated skin will initially be red and may scale. Lotion or cream should be applied until the skin heals, followed by daily use of sunscreen. Makeup can usually be worn the next day. Lighter superficial peels can be repeated every 2-4 weeks.

Medium peels require 7 to 10 maybe up to 14 days to heal. Treated skin will initially be red and swollen. Swelling worsens for the first 48 hours. Eyelids may swell shut. Blisters may form and break. Skin crusts and peels off in 7 to 14 days. Skin must be soaked daily for a specified period, followed by an ointment application. Antiviral medication is taken for 10 to 14 days. Mild lotion or cream may be applied. Avoid all sun exposure until healing is complete and for a few months afterward. Camouflage makeup may be worn after five to seven days. A follow-up appointment will be necessary to monitor progress. Medium-depth peels may be repeated every 6 to 12 months.

Deep peels require 14 to 21 days to fully heal. The treated area will be bandaged. Skin must be soaked four to six times daily, followed by an ointment application for the first 14 days. Afterward, a thick moisturizer is applied for the next 14 days. Antiviral medication is taken for 10 to 14 days. Mild lotion or cream may be applied. Avoid all sun exposure for three to six months. Camouflage makeup may be worn after 14 days. Several follow-up appointments will be necessary to monitor progress.

Sun exposure and smoking after a chemical peel must be avoided because they can cause unwanted side effects, including infection and scarring.

What care should I take after the procedure?
  • Avoid sun exposure for 2 weeks after your chemical peel as you are more likely to burn, and sunlight can cause excessive peeling.
  • Slight peeling and flaking may occur, do not pick or peel at the dead skin but allow it to come off naturally.
  • Wear sunscreen daily.
  • Keep well moisturized to aid in the sloughing off of peeling skin.
  • Be aware darker skin tones can have a reverse effect and darken the skin even more.
  • Avoid using retinol products 2 weeks after your treatment.
  • Avoid makeup for 3 days after your chemical peel.
  • Avoid any other facial treatment for at least 2 weeks after your chemical peel.
Reflection in the mirror of a mature woman with blonde hair and light eyes with soft, smooth skin is stroking her cheek.



Dermaplaning is an exfoliating treatment that involves an experienced aesthetician using a blade to gently exfoliate the outer layer of dead skin cells and fine facial hair (peach fuzz) on the surface of your face.

Benefits of dermaplaning include:

  • Eliminating the buildup of dead skin and vellus hairs that can make your complexion appear dull, flake, and even cause breakouts due to clogged pores and hair follicles
  • Immediately noticeable improvement in skin texture and appearance
  • Products, and makeup
  • Helps skin have an even healthy glow
  • Simple and safe procedure
  • Recommended for all skin types

See Our Process



Choose from our Specialty facials listed below, or allow one of our talented Aestheticians to design a Customized Facial specific to your skin type and any conditions present. The Caudle Center Medical Spa uses the highest quality products for results-oriented skincare.

Facials are a great way to jumpstart your skincare regimen. Our experienced Aestheticians will recommend products and procedures in accordance with your individual needs.

All of our facials include:

  • Exfoliation
  • Steam
  • Deep Pore Cleaning
  • Nourishing Mask
  • Relaxing Face Massage

Our Facials

Acne Facial


This facial utilizes the most effective acne treatments and products, finished off with Blue Light Therapy to help kill bacteria.

Custome Facial


All products in this facial are designed for your skincare needs. Includes a cleanse, exfoliation, massage, high frequency, & customized mask.

Lunchbreak Facial


A 30-minute treatment for a perfect skin pick-me-up. Includes cleanse, massage & mask.

Microdermabrasion Facial


This facial will exfoliate and reduce fine lines and pores. Includes a cleanse, microdermabrasion, massage, high frequency, & mask.

The hand of an aesthetician performing the microdermabrasion procedure on a blue-eyed man's face


$50 as a stand-alone procedure and is a $30 add on treatment

Microdermabrasion is a minimally invasive procedure that sluffs off dead skin, pulls impurities out of the skin, and reduces fine lines and pore size while inducing collagen production. Our seasoned aestheticians recommend one to two sessions per month, depending on the condition of your skin. This can be combined with your facial.

A series of 3 to 6 consecutive treatments is recommended for optimal results. To enhance and preserve your results, our esthetician will evaluate the condition of your skin and recommend a treatment plan that is right for you.

Before Your Microdermabrasion

  • Avoid products containing retinol for 3-7 days before your appointment.
  • If you are currently using Accutane or have in the last 12 months, please bring a note from your physician giving permission for you to receive your treatment.
  • Reschedule your appointment if you have any broken skin on your face (i.e., scabs, cold sores, cuts, or scrapes).
  • Be aware that if you are prone to cold sores, microdermabrasion can cause outbreaks.

Post-care for Microdermabrasion

  • Avoid wearing makeup for 6-12 hours after your treatment.
  • Avoid direct sun exposure for 2 days after treatment.
  • Wear sunscreen daily.
  • Avoid using retinol products for 2 days after treatment.
  • Keep well moisturized day and night for the week following your microdermabrasion.
  • If peeling occurs, do not pick at it. Allow the dead skin to come off naturally.
  • For best results, we recommend microdermabrasion 1-2 times monthly.
Permanent Makeup
A Close-up of a woman's face with the eyebrow design drew her eyebrows, and the hands of the aesthetician filled the eyebrow with ink.

Permanent Makeup

Jamie Stout, our Permanent makeup artist, has been an aesthetician since 2010 and offers permanent makeup, including:

  • Microblading
  • Powder brows
  • Lip blush
  • Eyeliner

To check availability and schedule a Complimentary Consultation, visit:

To see more before & after photos, visit the Blush Lounge FB page.

Before & After Pictures

before and after of a lip blush performed in Caudle Center Medical Spa