Previously, women did not have many options to address the changes that occur with the aging process. Now, with new technologies available, women have more options to address their vaginal health concerns. Votiva is a versatile radio-frequency workstation for women’s health and wellness, combining gentle volumetric heating with fractional coagulation of tissue. Votiva with FormaV is 510k cleared for temporary improvements in blood circulation, muscle pain relief and muscle relaxation and is an adjunct to Kegel exercises (tightening of the muscles of the pelvic floor to increase muscle tone). FormaV is a comfortable treatment that provides uniform and volumetric deep heating for tissue remodeling with real-time control of surface temperature. Votiva is effective in targeting various feminine health issues, resulting in improvement with sexual dysfunction, urinary incontinence, and vaginal rejuvenation. Women with a wide array of feminine health issues can benefit from this procedure, including loss of elasticity and tone from childbirth, urinary incontinence, weakness of the pelvic floor, vaginal dryness, menopausal changes, painful intercourse, and patients that are not candidates for hormone replacement therapy.

As women age, their bodies face a host of new changes. FractoraV can be used for a wide range of feminine health issues, such as vaginal laxity and atrophy due to the aging process, pregnancy, and/or fluctuations in weight. FractoraV is fractional device for use in dermatologic and general surgical procedures for electrocoagulation. The FractoraV is designed for delivering RF energy to the tissue in a fractional manner. The energy is delivered through bipolar arrays of pin electrodes, and results in localized heating and coagulation of the tissue that is in direct contact with the pins. Fractional coagulation promotes remodeling while untreated tissue between the pins promotes faster healing.

Upon arriving to the Caudle Center clinicians will place a small amount of lubricant to the forma-v handpiece before insertion into the vagina to maximize the comfort of the patient during the procedure. If the patient is also having the Fractora-v portion performed as well, a topical numbing cream will be applied to the external portion of the vagina to the treatment area to make the procedure as painless as possible.

Most patients feel minimal to mild discomfort during the forma-v portion of the votiva. The FractoraV portion of the Votiva procedure should also only cause minimal discomfort due to the topical numbing cream that is applied pre-procedure. Once the numbing cream wears off after the Fractora-v, patients generally report mild discomfort, redness, and swelling.

Contraindications include active electrical implant in any region of the body, vaginal or pelvic surgery within the last 12 months, metal implants or mesh in the treatment region, history of genital herpes, melanoma, uterine prolapse, cystocele, rectocele greater than grade 1, active malignancy or cancer treatment within the last 5 years, pregnancy or nursing, the use of Accutane or oral corticosteroids in the past 6 months, and the use of anticoagulants.

Potential side effects may include but are not limited to discomfort, swelling, redness, temporary bruising, blisters, and infection.

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