Thigh lifts, or thighplasty, are a procedure designed to reshape and contour either the inner or outer areas of the thighs. This technique involves removing excess fat and skin to help form a well-proportioned and more natural, toned appearance. The specifics of a thigh lift treatment is determined and designed on a per patient basis. Each patient has different needs and circumstances that will help dictate the number and location of the incisions. Before treatment begins, anesthesia is administered to keep you comfortable and pain-free.

During surgery, your surgeon will make small incisions along the targeted areas of the thighs to allow them to better contour the thighs and achieve the shape you desire. Once the fat and excess skin has been removed, your surgeon will carefully close each incision. After the surgeon has completed, the incisions will be closed, potentially leaving tiny scars. You can expect your surgeon will give you specific postoperative care instructions to help maximize your healing and recovery time. The results of your surgery will be immediately visible, but it will take time for your body to fully recover.

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