Weight Loss

Weight Loss and Management at The Caudle Center Medical Spa in Johnson City is successful because we provide specialized, structured weight management skill development through coaching, practice and feedback. When you participate in our clinic-based program, you will meet for a monthly follow up with our health and wellness specialist who will provide counseling, guidance and strategies for getting the weight off and keeping it off. This follow up time is also utilized by allowing you to share your challenges and triumphs of the past month, in order to correctly manage the best outcome. These monthly weigh-ins and meetings help keep up momentum and provide inspiration and education to help you reach your goal.

Let our highly specialized team at The Caudle Center Medical Spa plan a health and wellness path to get you through your weight loss and management goals.

The Caudle Center Medical Spa takes pride in specializing in many specific treatments and procedures aimed at not only enhancing your cosmetic appearance, but by also creating a better overall wellness and health wellbeing.
Our Specialty treatments include very specific venous treatments such as, EVLA, phlebectomy, Venous Duplex, sclerotherapy, and laser venous treatments for spider veins, reticular veins, rosacea, and many other venous ailments. Our providers also offer Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy and weight management services.


The Caudle Center Medical Spa of Johnson City, TN is excited to bring the new non-surgical stomach balloon to the tri-cities area! The ReShape Procedure is a new, FDA approved, non-surgical approach to weight loss that is proven to help people achieve and maintain significant weight loss. The ReShape Procedure was specifically designed for patients with a lower BMI (between 30–40). In a recent study, patients lost more than twice as much weight with ReShape than with diet and exercise alone.1 Most ReShape patients keep the weight off or continue to lose, even after the balloons are removed.

The balloons are a weight loss jump-start, and are only part of the procedure. You also receive a full year of personalized coaching to support your success and help you make the changes that will encourage a lifetime of healthy living. ReShape combines the portion-controlling benefits of the balloons with comprehensive coaching to change your eating habits, enhance your physical fitness, and help you adopt a healthy lifestyle that supports long-term success.

ReShape may be a good weight loss option for people who do not want or do not qualify for surgery.

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