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Why You Should Get a Facial

Your face deserves VIP treatment; it’s the first thing people get to see, after all. Your face needs to be well catered for, just like any other body part. You don’t need to get a facial only when you attend a special occasion like a wedding; you can make it part of your monthly routine.

face of a man with eye patches to reduce dark circles under the eyes

Facial Treatments

Facial treatments give the best results when done monthly because the outermost layer of the skin completely regenerates itself every 14 to 28 days. During this period, your skin cells are replicated to replace the old cells with healthier cells that improve the state of your skin.

Getting your facials monthly also gives the skincare products ample time to treat active skin cells. Some skin conditions like acne may require biweekly facial treatments to do professional chemical peels and focus on extractions.

Getting a professional facial does wonders for your skin and overall well-being. An excellent facial may even improve your mental health by making you feel more confident and attractive.

So is getting a facial worth all the rave? Read on to find out more about why you should get a facial regularly.

Facials Help With Antiaging

If you have noticed signs of premature aging like crow’s feet, fine lines, and wrinkles, a facial treatment may help delay your face’s aging process. Getting a good facial accompanied by a facial massage may help smooth fine lines and wrinkles.

The anti-aging product used for facials immediately increases blood and oxygen circulation. This stimulates collagen production, which firms and plums the skin leading to smooth, healthy, and elastic skin.

Professional Evaluation for the Skin

A facial grants you access to a professional evaluation and analysis of your skin type, needs, and appropriate products to use. As much as you may have an idea of how to take care of your skin at home, professional advice may help you improve your skincare routine.

If you are suffering from any skin condition, an aesthetician can help diagnose and suggest the best treatment plan.

Get facials from a licensed, experienced aesthetician for a customized skincare treatment that addresses your needs as an individual.

Extraction of Blackheads and Clogged Pores

An excellent facial extracts and or cleanses blackheads, pimples, and whiteheads. Extraction is carefully and hygienically done using an extraction tool without hurting your skin. Pore cleansing helps the skin breathe better and look healthy by removing the build-up of oil, dirt, and bacteria.

Extractions help stop acne formation or flare-ups and maintain clear skin, leaving your skin rejuvenated and brighter and glowing.

Increase Circulation

Facials help stimulate and increase blood circulation under the skin. Improved blood circulation decreases puffiness and fluid build-up around the eyes. Good blood circulation transports nutrients and oxygen to the skin. It also gets rid of toxins in the skin.

Skin Exfoliation

Dead skin makes your face look dry and rough. A facial helps exfoliate your skin better than doing it at home. Facials smoothen the skin and increase cell turnover, leading to new skin cells. Professional exfoliation like fruit acid peels or microdermabrasion removes dead skin and helps diminish acne and facial scars when done regularly.

Facials are Relaxing

Facials help you relax, leaving you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and glowing. Facial treatments also calm and relieve signs of stress. The face contains pressure points that connect to specific body systems. Massaging the pressure points on your face during a facial relaxes and stimulates the systems in your body. This detoxifies your skin and makes you look younger and more vibrant.

The gentle touch of massage, soothing music, beautiful ambiance, professional products, and incredible smells relax and soothe your body, reducing anxiety levels by boosting positive moods.

Customized Facials for your Skin Type

Spas customize facials to meet your particular needs by determining what products are suitable for your skin. During your visit to the spa, your aesthetician consults and analyses your skin to determine the best type of products for your skin type. A steaming session opens up your pores to easily and quickly absorb the products into your skin.

Whether you need moisturizing, exfoliation, acne treatment, or deep cleansing, a customized facial treatment is tailored to meet your needs according to your skin type.

Deep Cleansing

As much as you clean your face daily at home, you might not be completely getting rid of all the dirt, oil, and makeup. Your face deserves some deep, thorough cleaning now and then. A regular deep cleansing facial removes oil and dirt buildup without drying out the skin. This brightens up your face and improves your complexion, making you feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

The Takeaway

Regular facial treatments improve the overall health of your skin and your well-being. Facials should no longer be considered a luxury because your skin deserves specialized professional care. Seek professional facial treatments from a trusted, experienced aesthetician who understands your skin’s needs. Contact The Caudle Center Cosmetic Surgery, Wellness, and Aesthetics for more information.